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Someday Means Never

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Someday. That’s a dangerous word. It’s really just a code for ‘never’.” – Roy Miller, Knight & Day

Tim and I love Tom Cruise films. Have you seen Knight & Day? It's a funny film. That line in the film really resonates with us. Cameron Diaz wistfully talks about living on an island someday. Then Cruise delivers that line.

Do you:

* Wait till the weekend to see friends & family?

* Count down the days till the holidays?

* Wait for a sunny day to go out for a walk?

* Think, I'll learn that language/instrument when I'm retired?

What if you didn't wait till someday?

* What if you saw your friends/family during the week?

* What if you went on a mini-weekend break in the middle of a school term?

* What if you went out in the rain and jumped in a few puddles?

What are you putting off for 'someday'?

What is this needless drive to wait till.... Wait till what? I've personally known of several teachers who retired and passed away within 18 months. That's upsetting but also depressing. They spent their whole lives waiting for retirement to 'live' but ended up with less than 18 months to enjoy themselves.

Perhaps you need to break some eggs to make an omelette? Perfectionists, especially, are guilty of putting off what they can do today till tomorrow. Can things ever be perfect?

Is it time to reframe your thoughts?

Think about your self-talk. Are you saying someday because that voice in your head says the conditions aren't right yet? Because things aren't perfect? Because you feel like a failure? Because it feels like a pipe dream? Have a look at the poster on how to reframe your self-talk. What do you need to reframe?

The top 5 regrets of the dying

One day you will wonder what was so important that you put off doing the most important things. ‘Someday’ can be a thief in the night.” — Deborah Brown

Talking about death is depressing but it happens to all of us one day. What do you want to be proud of on your death bed? What will you regret? You can see here the top 5 regrets of the dying.

What needs to change to ensure you don't have these regrets?

What are you putting off for 'someday'?

Is today someday?

Mal is a leadership consultant, coach and trainer. She is an experienced school leader and has an ILM Level 7 in Executive Coaching & Mentoring. After discussing 'someday' Mal & her husband Tim decided to move to Spain and make someday today.

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