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Sometimes risk is necessary for happiness 🇪🇦

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Today, our household contents are being loaded on to a van. It's not the first time we've moved. The last major move being from London to Bournemouth 5 years ago. This time, we are moving to Valencia, Spain.

I've spent the last few months putting stuff in charity, the dump, selling things online. The only thing left is our sofa which is being picked up tomorrow.

Some of the things we've let go of has travelled with us from house to house for many, many years. Moving countries really puts into perspective what is important to you and not. Mostly not.

I've realised I've always been a bit of a hoarder. I really don't like throwing things away. Even if they are broken! But these last few months have been cathartic. Marie Kondo talks about looking at something and asking the question 'Does this bring me joy?'. I've been looking at things and asking 'Do I really need to bring this to Spain with me?'

There were clothes in my wardrobe that hadn't been worn since 19... That says it all. Since a different century!! Why am I holding on to this stuff. It's just stuff.

At my wedding I looked at my partner and our 2 children and said '.. wherever the 4 of us are, is home'. So actually, material possessions aren't so important after all.

What are you holding on to? What do you know you need to let go of? What is important to you? If you'd like to explore these questions with me, get in touch

Mal is a leadership consultant, coach and trainer. She is an experienced school leader and has an ILM Level 7 in Executive Coaching & Mentoring.

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