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Who are We?

Malarvilie Krishnasamy

CEO of MalCPD/ Co-Founder of The Coaching Collaborative

Hello, I'm Malarvilie, an experienced leadership consultant, coach, and trainer dedicated to empowering leaders and transforming cultures. With over 20 years in education, I bring expertise in coaching for positive change in schools.


Through accredited courses endorsed by The Institute of Leadership, I cultivate emotional intelligence and assertive leadership skills.


I prioritise equity, diversity, and inclusion, amplifying voices through workshops and speaking engagements.

Join me on this transformative journey to empower leaders and shape a brighter future. I'm here to guide you.


Rachel MacDonald

Co-Founder of The Coaching Collaborative

Through my work as a teacher and leader in the education sector, I have been enriched in countless ways. From this experience, I know firsthand the power of communication, connection and collaboration. Coaching is essential to the success of each of them.


Since 2008, I have dedicated myself to coaching teachers and leaders in all educational settings in multiple countries. Over the years I have honed my approach, drawing upon the principles of positive psychology and mental health. I firmly believe that coaching not only enhances professional development but ensures personal wellbeing. Using a holistic approach empowers individuals to thrive in both their personal and professional lives.

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What is Our Offer?

Experience the transformative impact of The Coaching Collaborative as we unlock the untapped potential of your staff through the power of coaching.

Our high-quality coaching services are tailored to nurture tomorrow's talent, ensuring they feel valued, fulfilled, and achieve peak performance.

Join us today and benefit from the exceptional training and support offered by The Coaching Collaborative.

Together, let's empower your team to reach new heights of success.

We're offering an exclusive deal that allows you to unlock the full potential of your staff with our high-quality coaching services.

Here's how our offer works:

Experience transformative coaching sessions for the unbeatable rate of just £75 per session. Our tailored sessions, spanning 40 minutes each, are designed to address your specific needs and goals.

To create an environment of collaborative improvement and ensure the best coaching experience, we require a minimum commitment of 4 sessions per person.


To provide flexibility, you can purchase a bundle of 20 sessions, allowing you to allocate more sessions per person if you have fewer than 5 individuals.


Take advantage of this exceptional offer for a total of only £1500 for the 20-session package.

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We wanted to share some exciting news with you! Following on from the successful launch of The Coaching Collaborative Podcast in December - and with new content in development as I type. Rachel and I have been dreaming up more ways that we can maximise the benefits of coaching in the education sector - for everyone! 


We are both passionate coaches and believe that coaching has the BIGGEST impact on people's well-being and work-life and we want to help schools find ways to increase recruitment, maximise retention and foster good mental health. We know that coaching has the power to ignite growth, enhance performance and foster a culture of wellness and belonging in schools. And we now have an offer that we know will benefit everyone in schools.

Why Choose
The Coaching Collaborative?

Affordable & Value-Packed

We understand that investing in quality coaching services can be a concern, especially when it comes to your budget. That's why we have created a unique offer just for schools. Take advantage of our limited-time deal and enjoy a 40-minute coaching session for an exclusive rate of only £75. It's an affordable opportunity to experience the transformative power of educational coaching.

Fuelling Your Professional Development

Whether you're an educator, administrator, or aspiring leader, our coaching offer is designed to fuel your professional growth. We understand the ever-evolving landscape of education and will provide you with the strategies and skills needed to stay ahead. From refining your teaching methods to developing leadership qualities, we are committed to supporting your continuous professional development.

Well-being as a Priority

We believe that true success encompasses more than just academic or professional achievements. Your overall wellbeing is essential for sustained growth and fulfillment. Our coaching sessions go beyond the surface and delve into areas such as self-care, stress management, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We will equip you with practical tools to enhance your overall well-being and ensure long-term success.

Action-Oriented Results

We believe in tangible outcomes. Our coaching methodology is action-oriented, focusing on practical steps and measurable results. Each session will provide you with actionable insights, tools, and resources that you can immediately implement in your educational practice. Experience noticeable progress and witness positive changes in your performance, ensuring your coaching journey yields real-world impact.

Our team of experienced coaches are dedicated to understanding your unique needs, challenges, and aspirations. We will work closely with you to develop personalised strategies tailored to your specific situation. Through our guidance, you will navigate obstacles, leverage your strengths, and unlock your full potential.

At The Coaching Collaborative, our team of experienced coaches comprises former or current executive heads, headteachers, and senior and middle leaders. With a wealth of experience in both coaching and school leadership, our coaches bring a unique perspective to support your professional development. They are passionate about developing individuals and enhancing schools to drive positive student outcomes.

Who are Our Coaches?


Malarvilie Krishnasamy

 Emotional Intelligence & Communications Coach


Rachel MacDonald

 Leadership|Parenting|MBTI Coach


Adrian McLean

Transformational Leadership Coach


Emma Sheppard

New Parents|Aspiring Leaders Coach


Patrick Ottley-O'Connor

Executive Leadership & Wellbeing Coach


Mandy Preville-Findlay

Leadership| Resilient Leaders Consultant


Rebecca Coronil

Leadership, Life & Career Coach

Extensive Leadership Experience

Our coaches have walked the same path as you. They have served in prominent leadership positions within educational institutions, allowing them to understand the challenges and complexities you face firsthand. This expertise enables them to provide valuable insights and practical guidance tailored to your specific needs.

Dedication to Development & School Improvement

Our coaches are driven by a shared passion for developing people and improving schools. They understand the critical role that effective leadership plays in driving positive student outcomes. By partnering with The Coaching Collaborative, you gain access to coaches who are committed to your growth, success, and the overall advancement of your educational institution.

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Dual Expertise in Coaching & School Leadership

Our coaches bring a blend of coaching skills and deep knowledge of school leadership. This combination allows them to offer holistic support, addressing both personal growth and professional challenges. They will empower you to navigate the intricacies of educational leadership while fostering your individual development.

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Aligned Values with MalCPD

The Coaching Collaborative shares the core values of integrity, authenticity, and professionalism with MalCPD. We uphold these values in every aspect of our coaching practice, ensuring a trusting and respectful partnership. Our coaches are committed to delivering services of the highest standard, grounded in ethical practices and a deep understanding of the education sector.

What Makes Us Different?

At The Coaching Collaborative, we believe in providing flexible coaching solutions that prioritise your organisation's needs. 


With personalised, one-to-one support starting at just £75 per person, your employees can easily access the benefits of continual professional development.

Here's why our coaching package is the right fit for your organisation:


Continuous Professional Development

Our low-cost coaching option allows your staff to continuously prioritise their professional development and strive for high performance. By providing personalized coaching, we address multiple pain points within your organisation, fostering growth and improvement. This approach can be easily rolled out at scale, making it an efficient and effective solution.


Cultural Values of Learning & Development

Together, you can create a set of cultural values that prioritise learning, growth, and development. Demonstrating your commitment to the professional development of your staff can attract and retain talent, especially among the younger workforce seeking organisations that prioritise their personal growth.


Overcoming Time Constraints

We understand that time is often the biggest hurdle when it comes to CPD. With The Coaching Collaborative coaching, even the busiest schedules can accommodate growth. In just 40 minutes, your staff can access quality CPD, personalised support, and instant strategies that lead to long-term behavioural impact. Our online coaching platform allows for convenient and efficient skill and performance enhancement.

**Invest in Your Organisation Today**

The simplicity of our coaching package puts growth in your staff's hands. By providing access to personalised support, you demonstrate your commitment to their development and create an autonomous and empowered culture within your organisation.

Experience transformative coaching sessions tailored to your needs and goals at an unbeatable rate of £75 per session for 40-minute sessions. Minimum commitment of 4 sessions per person, with the option to purchase a bundle of 20 sessions for only £1500, offering flexibility to allocate more sessions per person if you have fewer than 5 individuals. Don't miss out on this exceptional offer!

To get started or learn more about our coaching services, please contact us at

Take the first step towards fostering growth and development within your organisation.

For Your People. For Their Growth.

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