Mal became my coach just over six months ago and her impact on me as a person and a professional has been transformational.


I have always been a reflective practitioner but at times my reflection has been unfocused, with a tendency to overthink and worry. Mal's strengths included her ability to listen intently and to focus on and feed back to me the key issues in amongst the many things I talked about.


She was willing to share of herself and her experience to help me explore options and alternatives to my current ways of thinking and behaving. Most important to me was the way she validated my moral standpoint and supported me to continue to be true to my vision at times of professional pressure.

Mal is caring, helpfully challenging and very, very wise.

I hope to continue my shared learning journey with Mal into the future and highly recommend her as a coach.

Lena Carter, Senior Leader, Scotland

Mal is an outstanding professional career coach and mentor, providing colleagues bespoke solutions focussed on their situations and aspirations. 

Sylvester Juwe, former Senior Leader

Having been coached by Mal for a few months I received great benefit from the time we spent together. We were able to chat every couple of weeks and in between I had tasks to complete which would move my business / life on. These were actions I should have been doing but in the day to day aspect of dealing with everything you become ‘busy’ with things but forget about the bigger picture.


Mal helped me to break down tasks and determine what was necessary and what wasn’t. She looked at the whole and could see links where all I saw was disparate businesses / plans / goals. Her ability to make these links was brilliant and gave me loads of scope to move things on but knowing that there are reasons for the actions rather than just ‘busy work’.


Her attitude and personality are great. She puts you at ease immediately and never patronises or makes you feel you are not able. She helps to build up your confidence and ability and supports you in making decisions that are right for you. She never once tried to impose her thoughts / ideas on me but gently encouraged me to talk through options and see the pros and cons of each.


I would wholeheartedly recommend Mal as a coach / supporter. She will help you to move forward whether it’s for business, work, education or personal. I would definitely use Mal again in the future.

Christine Carty - Red Hat Designs

I had the pleasure of Mal coaching me when I was on the Diverse Leaders Programme, guided by the DfE.  I found Mal’s coaching style very effective. She was able to very quickly ask me questions, which enabled me to reflect and draw on answers from within. At times when I didn’t know the answer, as it was to do with a new role, Mal would mentor me through it. 

I found her compassionate, understanding and very reflective, ensuring that at the end of the session everything was summarised so I was clear on which way I was heading and what I needed to do.

I was due to start a new school Sept 2018, which I did. Mal helped me unpick some of the mistakes I made previously, and coached me on how to approach my colleagues. I’m pleased to say the change in style has made the transition in school a lot more easier than in previous schools.

I would recommend Mal as a coach.

Amy Jeetley, Teaching & Learning Lead: Science

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