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About Malarvilie

Malarvilie Krishnasamy, Educational Consultant & Coach 

Hi, I'm Malarvilie,

I believe passionately that in the right culture; students, teachers and schools thrive.

My almost 20 years’ experience in education as a teacher, middle & senior leader then Senior Assistant Principal across a multi-academy trust, mean I've seen it all.


I‘m in a unique position of understanding the strengths of teachers, the pressures they are put under and the struggles between wanting to stay or leave the profession.

I also understand the burdens senior
leaders face

when trying to marry school improvement needs,

with national priorities whilst dealing with a

funding crisis.

I set up MalCPD Education Consultancy &

Coaching to share what I’ve learnt to support

others along their education journey. know and

have seen how all teachers can develop and

improve their practice with the right training,

mentoring and coaching.


Teaching & Learning works best when the

individual skills gaps of the staff are identified

and enhanced through a coherent cycle of

differentiated CPD. I truly believe, if the leaders

of a school are skilled, confident and work

together as a team, this will enable them to ensure all teachers are more effective, which will ultimately have an impact on student progress.

Coaching creates an energising culture where teachers re-ignite or sky-rocket their enthusiasm for teaching, excellence and collaboration. 

I've introduced coaching cultures into very challenging schools with dramatic effects on morale, teacher development, and students. I've supported middle and senior leaders to embed the practice so that it self-sustains.

So, if you're looking to transform the culture of your school, to create more effective and high-quality teachers and leaders by revolutionising your professional development provision then, get in touch.


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​My Values and Mission Statement:​


To create exceptional leaders through high quality coaching, mentoring and training

To develop people and their practice through reflective and supportive programmes that improve staff morale and well-being

To appreciate that every organisation is defined by its employees and promote humanity in leadership 

To challenge, develop & inspire you to soar

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