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About Malarvilie

Hello, I'm Malarvilie,

I'm deeply passionate about cultivating vibrant cultures where students, teachers, and schools can truly flourish.


With nearly two decades of experience in the education field, spanning from my early days as a dedicated teacher to my leadership roles as a middle & senior leader and Senior Assistant Principal within a multi-academy trust, I have witnessed the entire spectrum of challenges and triumphs.


My unique perspective allows me to understand the strengths

of teachers, the immense pressures they face, and the internal

struggles they grapple with when contemplating their

professional journey. Equally, I recognise the weight carried by

senior leaders as they navigate the complexities of school

improvement, aligning it with national priorities, all while

grappling with the ongoing funding crisis.


To address these challenges, I established MalCPD Education

Consultancy & Coaching, an avenue through which I can share

my invaluable insights and provide support to others along

their educational path. I firmly believe that every teacher has

the potential to develop and enhance their practice through

the right training, mentoring, and coaching.

In order to achieve optimal teaching and learning outcomes,

it is crucial to identify and bridge the individual skill gaps of

staff members through a comprehensive and tailored cycle of

differentiated CPD. I hold a steadfast belief that when school

leaders are skilled, confident, and collaborate seamlessly as a

cohesive team, they empower their teachers to be more

effective, leading to tangible improvements in student progress.

Introducing coaching into the educational landscape creates an invigorating culture where teachers can reignite their passion for teaching, strive for excellence, and foster collaboration.

Throughout my career, I have successfully implemented coaching cultures in even the most challenging school environments, yielding dramatic effects on morale, teacher development, and student outcomes. I have supported middle and senior leaders in embedding coaching practices to ensure their sustainability and long-term impact.

So, if you aspire to transform your school's culture, cultivating a cadre of effective and high-quality teachers and leaders through a revolutionary approach to professional development, I encourage you to reach out.


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​My Values and Mission Statement:​

To create exceptional leaders through high quality coaching, mentoring and training
To develop people and their practice through reflective and supportive programmes that improve staff morale and well-being
To appreciate that every organisation is defined by its employees and promote humanity in leadership 
To challenge, develop & inspire you to soar
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