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How to be an Assertive Leader

In this episode full of practical strategies to be assertive, I share:

  • why assertive leadership is so vital in schools now

  • how knowing your values can help you be a more assertive and effective leader

  • the skills needed to have difficult conversations without being aggressive

  • why leaving issues unresolved contributes to an unhealthy and unhappy school culture

  • what to do if you're a "people pleaser"

  • and much more!

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The Talking Teachers Podcast

@TheTalkingTeac1 have created a fantastic educational podcast. I’m honoured to have been asked to be on the 1st episode about workload & wellbeing. Listen on Spotify  Itunes  Podbean  #wellbeing


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The Healthy Teacher Project

I love talking with people like Mal who have stepped away from classroom teaching because their perspectives are refreshing. Mal obviously gets to see many schools and her insights into what makes a healthy working environment and what doesn’t are spot on – she gives great advice which would be useful wherever you are in your teaching career. Luke Richardson

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