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Personal & Professional Coaching


Emotional Intelligence is at the heart of my coaching practice.  As a TypeCoach Certified Coach, I use personality profiling and a range of coaching tools and strategies to develop your self-awareness and enable you to communicate your wants and needs with different personalities.  By raising your emotional intelligence, you will build relationships and gain the trust of your team.
This solutions-focused approach will empower you to be a strong and compassionate leader who leads with empathy, integrity, and authenticity.

So, if you're thinking about making a change to your life or career, coaching can empower you to take ownership of your future and turn your wishes into specific, tangible goals.



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1:1 Executive Leadership Coaching

Are you a Headteacher or an Executive Head?

  • Do you lack work/life balance?

  • Are you juggling many roles and struggle to prioritise?

  • Do you lack the confidence to push yourself forward?

  • Do you need guidance on how to project manage effectively?

Leadership Coaching will enable you to:

  • Gain confidence in your leadership role

  • Set clear, tangible goal​s

  • Develop your emotional intelligence

Why choose me as your Coach?

  • I have almost 20 years of leadership experience. I have had great success in managing teams, managing difficult people and leading whole school projects.

  • I'm a coach for the Diverse Leaders Programme, Women Leading in Education Coaching Pledge and the Maternity CPD Project

1:1 Leadership Coaching
1: Career Coaching

1:1 Career Coaching


  • Are you struggling to get shortlisted for an interview?

  • Do you need support with your interview technique?

  • Not sure what to put into your presentation?

Coaching will enable you to:


  • Have a killer application letter that gives you a greater chance of being called for an interview

  • Gain essential interview techniques

  • Support with presentation techniques

  • Guidance for the perfect interview lesson

Why choose me as your Coach?

  • I have extensive experience in supporting colleagues & leaders in their application process

  • I have been highly successful in supporting clients in gaining interviews and ultimately coaching applicants to gain the job of their dreams




1:1 Assertive Leadership
Casual Meeting


  • If you aspire to be a strong and compassionate leader, this coaching programme will enable you to gain greater confidence and develop an assertive leadership mindset.

You will:

  • Explore your vision and values that underpin your personal leadership style

  • Gain greater self-awareness by exploring your strengths and limitations

  • Learn to lead with empathy by understanding the needs, behaviours and viewpoints of those around you

  • Become an assertive leader as you will be able to clearly and respectfully communicate your wants, needs, positions and boundaries to others

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