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The Coaching Collaborative

The Team

Malarvilie Krishnasamy

Executive Leadership &

Emotional Intelligence Coach

Malarvilie is a former history teacher, middle & senior leader. She specialises in coaching leaders to develop their assertiveness and emotional intelligence skills.

Patrick Ottley-O'Connor

Executive Leadership & Wellbeing Coach

Patrick has been a teacher for 34 years, a senior leader for 28 years, including 18 years as a Principal/Executive Principal in secondary, primary and special schools.

He uses his allyship and advocacy to champion diversity, equity and inclusion and has recently coached his 57th woman into a headship, executive headship &/or CEO role.

Mandy Preville-Findlay

Leadership| Resilient Leaders Consultant

Mandy is a development coach, focused on personal and career improvement with over 21 years of experience in facilitating growth through exploration and reflection.


As Director of Preville-Findlay Development Ltd, she asks questions others may shy away from, build on, and strengthen, attitudes to risk and challenge entrenched ideologies and learnt behaviours that impact negatively on attaining one’s preferred future.


By providing space for storytelling and analysis and avenues to 'be' not just 'do’, Mandy supports clients to discover creative avenues for self and professional enhancement.

Emma Sheppard

New Parent| Aspiring Leaders

Emma is a former English Teacher and Lead Practitioner, who now coaches middle and senior leaders full time. 


She specialises in supporting leaders experiencing or pursuing changes in both their personal and professional lives. 


Emma has experience coaching aspiring, middle and senior leaders with The MTPT Project, Oasis Community Learning and Sarah Fox Coaching.

Adrian McLean

Transformational Leadership Coach

I have over 20 years of experience in schools as a teacher, middle leader, senior leader, headteacher and now a member of a Multi Academy Trust executive leadership team.

My style centres around being transformational in approach, working collaboratively with clients to offer authentic support along with candid feedback. I like to focus on character and the virtues that are core to the individual flourishing in their role as a leader, life or mapping out their career. 


I seek to encourage clients in developing their collaborative skills, intrinsic motivation and self-esteem, whilst finding their purpose and providing them with accountability.

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