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Do you want to banish your limiting beliefs?

💜I'm getting married this week💜 If you'd asked my 17 year old self what my life would be like in 30 years time, I probably would have got one thing right. I wanted to be a history teacher and 10 years later, I was. I never thought I'd have children, let alone meet someone that would love me for being me. I often tell my coaching clients there are stories we tell ourselves. 'Oh I can't do that' 'I'm not good at that' 'That'll never happen for me'. 

Some call these thoughts 'Impostor Syndrome' others call it limiting beliefs. I usually ask whose voice are you hearing when these thoughts arise? Usually it's a parent, former employer, sibling.  This is quite a light bulb moment for clients when they realise it's not their own voice, that it's external. It's a turning point in their own self-belief.

I was lucky. I always knew the voices I heard continuously that said I'm not university material, will never amount to anything, am incapable of giving and receiving love, were external. I had an inner drive and belief. Reader,  💥I made it to uni and have 2 post graduates.  💥I was a very successful history teacher and school leader.  💥I'm now a successful business woman.  💥I found love. Real love. I have a partner who champions me, is proud of me and encourages me. 💥I also have 2 beautiful children who are my pride and pure joy.  None of the people who told me to not believe in myself are coming to my wedding. Some would say that it's very sad. Not for me. On my big day, I'll be surrounded by people who love, encourage & support me. That fills me with joy.  If you feel you have impostor syndrome and your limiting beliefs are holding you back, get in touch. Through coaching I will show you how to drown out that inner critic with your own confident and self-assured voice. Email:  I've got an exciting week ahead and can't wait!

Mal is a leadership consultant, coach and trainer. She's a former teacher and experienced school leader. Book a free 30 min discovery call here:

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