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What do Non-Toxic organisations have in common?

Updated: Apr 9, 2022


I've worked in both non-toxic and toxic schools and have helped turn the culture around in many.

But, what would you see in Non-Toxic schools?

  1. Assertive Communication - all staff are held to account through assertive conversations and from a culture of support, rather than bullying and aggressiveness.

  2. Professionalism - Instead of do as I say now - discussion, challenge and debate is encouraged to ensure 'group think' doesn't occur and the best possible idea and policy is pursued. Disagreeing respectfully seems to have been lost not only in some schools but across the nation.

  3. Coaching Culture - instead of a culture of teachers being judged and constantly having to prove they can, you have a culture of support and development encouraging reflective practice.

  4. Strategic leadership - instead of knee-jerk reactions adding to workload and stress, you'll see well thought out policies and practices that lead to sustainable change.

  5. Leading with Empathy - a clear understanding we are all different, therefore will react to change, stress and everything differently to others. Therefore, leaders will ask, listen and support rather accuse, judge and give up on staff. The wellbeing of all members of the community is considered.

  6. Emotional regulation by leadership - we all get stressed. But having the emotional intelligence to recognise when our emotions are getting the better of us is vital.

At MalCPD I coach, mentor and train leaders in assertiveness, empathy and coaching skills developing their emotional intelligence enabling them to lead with humanity.

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