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Top 7 Tips on How to Develop Visionary Leadership

As we near the end of the year, I've been doing quite a bit of reflecting. It's coming up to 6 years since I started my business. I'm pleased with how much it has grown and its current success. But where do I want it to go? Do I want to do more? Do I want to expand? Would expanding ruin the fabulous work-life balance I have now? What is my vision for MalCPD?

I started to think about visionary leadership. Can this be taught? Can you develop leadership vision? Short answer? YES! But it is a process which can take time and introspection. Here are some steps you can take to start developing your leadership vision:

  1. Reflect on your values and beliefs: What are your core values and beliefs? How do they influence your leadership style? Are you living your values at home and at work?

  2. Identify your strengths and areas for improvement: What are your natural strengths as a leader? What are some areas where you could improve? Who do you have around you that could help fill some of those gaps? Self-awareness can be tricky for some, but there are some great personality tests out there which can help (see below).

  3. Set specific goals: What do you want to achieve as a leader? What are your long-term goals for yourself and your team? How does this fit in with the organisation's goals? How do these goals impact your workload and your teams? If you are adding something, what will you take away?

  4. Create a plan: How will you achieve your goals? What actions will you take to develop your leadership skills and abilities? What resources will you need (including people power)? What barriers could you face? How will you overcome them?

  5. Seek feedback: Talk to others, such as your mentor/coach or colleagues, to get feedback on your leadership style and vision. This can help you gain a better understanding of how you are perceived as a leader and identify areas for improvement. Johari Window is useful here or Leadership Matters 360.

  6. Be open to change and growth: Leadership is a continuous learning process. Be open to new ideas and feedback and be willing to adjust your leadership vision as you grow and develop as a leader.

  7. Finally, it is important to communicate your vision clearly and consistently to your team, so that everyone is working towards the same goals. It's also essential to think about the different stakeholders and how you will communicate this vision to them too.

So, what is my vision for MalCPD?

MalCPD Values & Mission Statement:

I wrote this 6 years ago. I'm pleased to say there is nothing I would change about it. These are still my core values as a person and as a professional.

MalCPD Goals:

To provide coaching and leadership training and development with a progressive route to an accredited qualification.

To ensure I'm not over-stretching myself and not having too much impact on my work-life balance I'll be collaborating with a range of MalCPD Associates to fulfil these goals. Leadership doesn't have to be a solo activity.


I feel very fortunate to have friends who will give me honest and helpful feedback. I can always count on my fellow Loud Moderates (@MandyPreville @Character_guy) to not only give me ideas on how to tweak my projects but are also highly supportive. #TeamMalCPD are a great group of highly experienced leaders, coaches and trainers who have my back. I'm grateful for and value their thoughts.

Assessing progress:

It's important to regularly assess and reassess progress and make any necessary adjustments along the way. I'm not afraid to say I messed up or that didn't go according to plan. There is more reason to feel awful as a solopreneur when you have bills to pay. But I have a growth mindset, so all failures are a learning point to do better. I'll be checking my own progress monthly.


This is me communicating my vision to you. Many of you have not only come to me for coaching but have also attended several of my courses. I want to continue to provide you with specialist support to challenge, develop and inspire you to soar.

Final Thoughts

I'm ending 2022 excited about 2023. MalCPD is expanding. I have a great team around me, I'm having fun and continue to love what I do. I hope to work with you in 2023!

Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Malarvilie is a former senior leader and history teacher.

As an Education Consultant and Executive Coach, she supports leadership development through InstituteLM recognised leadership and coaching skills courses.

Contact her now if you'd like a 30 min call to discuss some of the above. Email: Whatsapp: +34711099586 Website:

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