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Top 5 Powerful Benefits of Youth Coaching

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

When I was a teacher, I often used coaching conversations with my pupils.

It was useful for:

* behaviour management - getting them to consider a different option

* dealing with low self esteem

* raising low aspirations

* developing their confidence to excel

* getting them to be independent learners

Coaching can have great benefits for young people. Imagine if you had obliterated your limited beliefs when you were much younger?

I've been coaching my 7 year old son since he started preschool. He was having great problems with asserting himself. Despite being naturally sensitive, reserved and lacking in confidence he is now a great problem solver and is beginning to either stand up for himself or ask for help. My youngest son is 4. We've been coaching him on how to regulate his emotions. This is a work in progress!

Young people today have far more stresses than when I was a teenager in the late 80s. Peer pressure, social media, exam stress, general media, the news and problems at home can all take their toll.

Barnardo’s reported almost half of children and teens aged 12-16 admitted to feeling sad or anxious at least once a week, with nearly one in four feeling negative at least once a day. For 16 year olds, an overwhelming 70% felt sad or anxious each week. The main causes? Teens cited school (65%), worrying about their future (42%) and problems at home (31%). When asked, three in four young people said they thought it would be helpful to have access to a professional or counsellor at school to talk to when feeling down or upset. (Barbados - Life Coaching Directory)

Coaching young people will:

  1. Cultivate a growth mindset enabling them to deal with and overcome setbacks

  2. Boost confidence and build self-regard

  3. Encourage emotional regulation

  4. Ignite creative problem-solving skills

  5. Develop empathy skills and enable them to understand that everyone is different.

As a result of coaching, young people will feel inspired, challenged and empowered academically, emotionally and will be able to deal with future setbacks with the knowledge and skills to learn from them.

How I wish I had had coaching when I was younger! Perhaps I would have been more confident and believed in myself more?Perhaps I would have bounced back from setbacks a lot quicker?

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Mal Krishnasamy is a former senior leader and history teacher. She is now an Education Consultant and Executive Coach. She provides 1:1 and group coaching specialising in Assertive Leadership coaching.

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