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#SelfcareSunday – fill your own cup first

I really like this poster. Personally, I find when I have looked after my mind, body and spirit I am much more patient, less stressed, more available and present for my friends and family. They benefit from my self-care.

My week:

⁃ I spent a couple of days at the beach with the kids and my mum friends. It felt like I was on holiday! I never get tired of the sea. Every day it looks different. The kids never seem to tire of the beach. They are forever digging, building and rolling around in it. I feel my face relax and a calmness come over me.

⁃ On Tuesday, I auditioned for a musical theatre choir and got in! Despite having work-family balance I realised I was missing something for me. It’s so easy to do as a mum with 2 young children. Mums tend to sacrifice all for the family, which can ultimately lead to resentment and burnout. I came home from the first rehearsal on on Weds absolutely buzzing. I’ve rediscovered a part of me that was lost for about a decade!

⁃ Friday night was date night with the other half (we got hammered 😀). There are too many couples we know with children that never go out. As parents things can get fraught and quite functional at home. So much needs to be done. Between the sleep deprivation & the washing, cleaning, feeding and well, life (!) it’s easy to forget why on earth you both got together in the first place. We find date nights invaluable to bring us back to who we are as a couple. It’s like a reset button and the kids benefit from us being more chilled in each other’s company.

⁃ Yesterday was our two yr old’s birthday party. It’s amazing how much our lives have changed in two years. This time 2 years ago we were living in London, with half our house packed up getting ready to relocate to Dorset. Now we spend days at the beach, farm or forest, have a range of new friends, have both set up our own businesses & spend a phenomenal amount of time with the kids and each other.

Along with a few successes to do with work, it’s been a fab week. A proper balanced week of work, family and something for me.

Life is good. It’s more than good. #SelfcareSunday

Mal is an education consultant, coach and trainer. She specialises in leadership development, introducing coaching in schools and supports schools to implement their vision of SMSC through CPD and Quality Mark verification.

Mal is also a Regional Leader for WomenEd South East and the Dorset Advocate for The MTPT Project.

Contact her now if you would like 1-1 Leadership Coaching, are interested in CPD provision or on-going School Improvement support.

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