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New Year's Resolutions

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. Most made are doomed to failure. It may be because as a teacher, a new year for me was the academic new year. I needed to start as I meant to go on. I never did.

Inevitably workload, sickness, parents evenings or late night meetings would get in the way of going to pilates, jive or pottery. All things I started but never finished although I really enjoyed them. Once the kids came along it was impossible to make any kind of personal goals whilst juggling full time working in schools and being a parent. But with a lifestyle shift (I quit full time work and set up as an Education Consultant last year) and a mind shift, it’s time for me.

I’m a big believer in marginal gains. Little tweaks in accumulation can have a big impact. I used to do that with my teaching practice. Tried one thing new, if it worked maybe tweak it and embed it into my practice then try another thing. So why not do that in life??

So at the beginning of September I had a loose plan of trying to lose weight. I decided I’d be happy if by half term I’d actually lost some. I walked the kids to school – there and back is 2 miles. I lost a stone by half term. If I had set out to lose a stone by half term I might not even have started walking. Psychologically it would have been too much. Or I may have tried to go swimming as well, tried too much then given up within a few weeks. Such is how my brain works. But with a little tweak to my lifestyle I made huge gains.

So what little tweaks am I going to make in 2018?

  1. Health – Continue to walk on the school run at least once per week & drink more water!

  2. Relationships- Strengthen connections in my new home & reconnect with old friends by phoning, making plans or writing letters/emails.

  3. Work – be kinder to myself in setting self-imposed deadlines.

  4. Well-being – schedule in me-time, even if it is just ten minutes a day to meditate, pootle about on the keyboard or colour in my calm colouring book.

With these tweaks, I hope that 2018 will continue to give me work-life balance and enhance my physical & mental well-being.

So, what little tweaks will you make this year?

Mal is an independent education consultant, coach and trainer. She specialises in leadership development, introducing coaching in schools and supports schools to implement their vision of SMSC through CPD and Quality Mark verification.

Mal is also a Regional Leader for WomenEd South East and the Dorset Advocate for The MTPT Project.

Contact Mal now if you would like 1-1 Leadership Coaching, are interested in CPD provision or on-going School Improvement support.

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