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How to be 'the boss' of bosses. Today.

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Yesterday was National Boss Day.  Bosses don't always get appreciation. Employees don't always notice what the boss does for them. Both can take each other for granted.  My mission for my business is to spread more #humanityinleadership

As a leader/boss, how can you be the boss of bosses? 

#1 Start with the Why I've never understood why leaders keep things close to their chest. Transparency can get more buy in. Why are you introducing this policy? How will it benefit the employees and the pupils? If the new policy doesn't ultimately benefit the pupils and lead to school improvement then what exactly is the point? If you are adding to staff workload then what will you take away? Or better still, how is your new policy going to reduce the workload for staff?

#2 Talk to everybody Yes, even the moaning minis, the dementors that suck the joy out of the staffroom. I used to find general chit chat excruciating. Still do a little. But when I became responsible for CPD across a MAT, I realised I really needed to talk to people outside of SLT and the Humanities faculty. It strengthened my relationships with TAs, teachers, other leaders.. . I always did talk to the cleaners, caretakers and admin - without whom the school just wouldn't run. 

#3 Develop your empathy skills Not everyone deals with stress or change or anything for that matter in the same way you do.

It may be alien but try to listen, understand and empathise. Active listening is undervalued as a leadership skill. Hearing out an irate employee, reflecting back what they have said, acknowledges and validates their emotions. This in turn will make employees feel heard and valued. 

#4 Walk the talk Be a role model, show your team the way. Unlike the government in the UK, there shouldn't be one rule for you and one for others. Lead with your values and a clear moral purpose. Staff will trust you and respect you as a leader.

#5 Be compassionate  Know your team have lives outside of work. If you follow #2 you will know this well. An employee's child is in the nativity? Let them come in late that morning. An elderly parent is sick, maybe they can work from home? Be compassionate and understanding and goodwill will follow in spades.

Being a leader is a great responsibility. It's not about power and control. It's about having your team's back. Supporting them. Developing them.

You will be the boss of bosses when you think beyond yourself.

Mal Krishnasamy is a consultant and executive coach. She's a former senior leader, who now coaches, mentors and trains leaders in education.

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