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Do you know when to teach, mentor and coach?

In my professional life I've met many leaders who believed they were coaching when in fact they were mentoring. I've seen mentors who believed they were mentoring but were in fact teaching. Unfortunately, I've also observed teachers who weren't in fact teaching at all.

Although I've been a teacher, mentor and coach, I've gained the most satisfaction from coaching pupils, teachers and leaders. Seeing the development of young people, new teachers and leaders from being unsure and unconfident to decisive, independent and assertive, has been hugely satisfying.

As a coach it's essential you believe the coachee has enormous potential and they have the answers within themselves.

Asking the right questions to enable the coaches to believe in themselves is a skill. A skill which can be learnt.


The other day a friend asked my husband how he got into teaching maths. Tim said he'd had an awful teacher then he'd had a really good teacher. Our friend asked what made this teacher 'good'. 'He was human'. This made us laugh but also got me thinking. What coaching, mentoring and teaching have in common is the importance of strong communication skills coupled with the ability to develop trust in relationships.

Without rapport, empathy and clear boundaries, it would be difficult to get the best out of your coachees, mentees or students.

Coaching Training

If you would like to learn the craft of coaching, make a difference to people and develop your communication skills then sign up to the Programme in Coaching & Mentoring (at Level 5) accredited by the InstituteLM. The course starts in October so get in touch asap:

You will:

  • Be able to assess your own skills, knowledge and behaviours as a coach and mentor

  • Know how to manage the coaching or mentoring process within an organisational context

  • Deepen your understanding of how the organisational context can affect coaching or mentoring

  • Plan, deliver and review your coaching and mentoring

Who is this course for?

  • Suitable for all sectors

  • This qualification is for managers and those with significant responsibility for effective coaching and mentoring as part of their daily role within an organisational context.

  • It is also ideal for individuals who wish to move into a development role or start a career as a freelance coach or mentor.

If you feel you would benefit from a shorter professional course then the Essential Coaching Skills for School Leaders course is for you. I have been enjoying delivering this course to whole senior and middle leadership teams across the globe including Harrow International Beijing, The Elliot Foundation, Ealing Learning Partnership, Coastal Learning Partnership to name but a few.


Malarvilie is a former senior leader and history teacher. As an Education Consultant and Executive Coach she supports leadership development through InstituteLM recognised leadership and coaching skills courses. Contact her now if you'd like a complimentary 30 min coaching call to discuss some of the above.

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