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Fancy a Leadership Pick 'n' Mix?

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Fancy a Leadership Pick 'n' Mix?

Problem Solving

I've been thinking a lot these last few months about how I can best serve schools using my 20 years experience as a teacher and 10 years as a senior leader. 

From my above experience and now as a coach and trainer of school leaders, I've found the three most prominent problems to solve for many leaders are:

1. Leaders need support in developing their emotional intelligence and in particular how to deal with difficult conversations. 

2. Leaders in schools need coaching and training in how to manage people and projects in a strategic way to embed and sustain change

3. Leaders need to empower their staff to encourage them to be less dependent, to take the initiative, feel supported and happy to stay. 

Leadership Pick 'n' Mix

So, using my practical experience of teaching, leading and coaching I have developed four leadership development modules. 

Core Module 

All participants are expected to take this module. It's a module of self discovery, exploring your vision, values and moral purpose that underpin your personal leadership style. Also, understanding your strengths and areas for development in terms of your emotional intelligence. 

Choose 1 from below:

Assertive Leadership Module

Assertive Leadership is about developing your emotional intelligence to enable you to lead with empathy and build good working relationships. It's vital to gain skills in dealing with conflict in an assertive manner without losing a sense of self. You'll gain practical skills in leading different personalities by understanding the needs, behaviours and viewpoints of those around you. You'll become an assertive leader as you are able to clearly and respectfully communicate your wants, needs, positions and boundaries to others.

Strategic Leadership Module

This module aims to develop leaders with a  greater understanding of strategic thinking and decision-making. You'll gain a wider knowledge of change, risk and people management. You'll come with a specific project and together we create a strategic plan to ensure the change is effectively introduced, embedded and sustained, whilst ensuring staff wellbeing is considered. 

Coaching Module

You'll build your confidence and skills in using a coaching approach to inspire, challenge and empower your teams. You'll be able to reframe observation feedback, appraisals and meetings to become coaching dialogues ensuring staff no longer feel judged but feel supported in their development. You'll have the opportunity to be listened to and coached through your own professional challenges and gain the tools and reflection time to create a clear plan of action in order to introduce, embed and sustain a coaching culture at your organisation.

Quality Assurance I'm proud to be able to say my leadership modules have been quality assured and recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) - the ILM are the largest providers of leadership courses in the UK and Europe. As such, the certification you gain will be globally recognised.

My Values and Mission Statement:

When I set up my business 4 years ago, I wrote a mission statement on my values:

  • To create exceptional leaders through high quality coaching, mentoring and training

  • To develop people and their practice through reflective and supportive programmes that improve staff morale and well-being

  • To appreciate that every organisation is defined by its employees and promote humanity in leadership 

  • To challenge, develop & inspire leaders to soar 

Humanity in Leadership

At the heart of each of my leadership modules is the notion of #HumanityinLeadership. I passionately believe it is possible to be a strong, strategic and compassionate leader. I know, because I was and I am.

If you want to know more about my leadership modules, get in touch:

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