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  • Why should I choose MalCPD as a provider?
    MalCPD has been quality assured by four separate organisations: 1. The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) 2. The Institute of Leadership 3. CPDBee - A Teach First innovation partner: an online marketplace for CPD 4. The Society of Education Consultants (SEC) Before becoming a recognised provider for these organisations, MalCPD's courses have been rigorously scrutinised in these areas: a) Design and delivery of the programmes b) How we measure impact c) References from up to 5 clients - Head Teachers and CEOs who would recommend our services to a fellow Head Teacher/CEO
  • Why should I attend one of MalCPDs coach training courses?
    You will learn excellent coaching skills and gain accreditation that are internationally-recognised, which will improve your coaching and management capabilities. Because MalCPD is quality assured by The Institute of Leadership, you know you will receive high-quality training. Our Director, Malarvilie is an experienced coach and a former Senior Leader in schools. she brings a wealth of practical leadership experience to your coach training.
  • What are your training delivery options?
    Online Courses These courses are via zoom either 1:1 or in a group. I use breakout rooms and mentimeter to ensure the courses are still interactive. The advantages are you can attend from the comfort of your home. In-house Courses In house course are courses that are held at a venue, organised by you, the customer. That could be on your own place of work, maybe in the boardroom or training room. Or it could mean at a local venue arranged by yourselves. The advantages of having an in-house, on site (i.e. in your boardroom) course is the reduction of cost, but you run the risk of interruptions. The advantage of having an in-house, but off site course (i.e a local venue), is that the delegates can fully focus on the course without interruptions, but the cost could be higher. Open Courses - MalCPD Event Open courses are courses where you send your delegates to MalCPD training events that take place in Bournemouth. The advantage of the open courses is the flexibility of numbers of delegates that you send, and when you send them (not all on the same day). The full focus of your delegates on the course material and training. The delegates will learn from other delegates from other organisations, who will be seeking similar guidance and help.
  • Who are the Institute of Leadership & Management?
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