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How to monitor teaching and learning without grading lessons

I support leaders of Teaching & Learning to explore and devise a non-grading system of professional development at their organisation. 

This can be delivered as a one day course or I can be hired as a consultant to introduce and embed an open & reflective developmental culture at your school.

This course will enable delegates to:


  • Explore effective observation feedback & pro formas

  • Explore effective marking monitoring techniques and useful feedback

  • Consider using coaching as part of the professional development programme

  • Consider progress within and beyond a lesson

  • Develop a mind shift on how to observe and develop teaching & learning without grading lessons.


This course will enable delegates to:


  • Work in groups to explore the pros & cons of grading lessons

  • Work in pairs looking at effective non-grading systems of monitoring marking, observations andprogress of students

  • Develop their own tailored non-grading system for their school

  • Coach each other on how to develop their system considering barriers


This programme is suitable for all sectors. It is aimed at organisations looking to transform the culture of their school to create an open, reflective developmental culture of support & collaboration.


Mal Krishnasamy

Bournemouth, United Kingdom



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