A Level Omnishambles

A Level results day back in 1993 was one of the best days of my life. 

I had worked incredibly hard to become the first one in my family to go to university. I'd taught myself A Level politics, practically lived in various libraries around Newham, East London whilst working up to 40 hours a week at a local supermarket. 

My heart breaks for so many young people whose dreams and ambitions have been thwarted by an algorithm. Is this taking back control, when a government determines your exam results by your post code? According to this algorithm I'm sure I would have been predicted U's as I went to one of the worst schools in one of the poorest boroughs in England. Are we living in a dictatorship now? The government has negatively altered the lives of an entire generation. 


I think back to me on results day.-how much it meant to me. Opening that envelope which decided which direction the rest of my life went in. Just imagine hardly knowing your parents because they work all hours in factories and are absolutely shattered when they come home. Imagine often overhearing your parents talking about not being able to pay bills or pay for food. Imagine spending your Sundays trawling through jumble sales to get 'new' clothes.

Imagine working so hard to get out of poverty through educating yourself only to find the government takes it all away from you.

There are many young people in mourning for the life they should have had. Angry at the government for treating them like numbers. Feeling lost and hopeless because there is absolutely nothing they can do about it.

I've heard hopeful stories about universities still accepting students despite their grades being downgraded. I can only hope the government will do a huge u-turn. 

If you know of any young person that would like mentoring or coaching do let me know. I no longer work in a school but am a professional coach, have DBS and have 20 years experience in supporting young people.


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